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  1. Lots of newish posts

    Centralizing the collection

  2. Karaf Features at Startup

  3. TDD and CMM

  4. Language Flavors

  5. Architecture Is About Tradeoffs

  6. The Problem With Software

  7. Mockito Custom Answers

  8. DevOps In Any Business

  9. Simplicity: One Concept

  10. Go Archive Support

  11. Two Kinds of Simplicity

  12. Alpine Linux Desktop

  13. Working in Parallel

  14. Using ANTLR 4 with Python

  15. Fully Dynamic Classes with ASM

  16. About Transactions

  17. Dynamic Proxies with CGLib

  18. Java Dynamic Proxies

  19. Table Driven Tests in Go

  20. Posting at DZone

  21. Docker X11 Client Via SSH

  22. Agile Tools?

  23. Minimal Docker Container

  24. Java REST Web Service

    Standalone Java application with Jersey and Jetty

  25. Logging Performance

    Measuring string concatenation in logging

  26. Generics and Capture Of

    Java SE 7 type inference

  27. Concurrent Random in Java SE 7

    Using ThreadLocalRandom

  28. Spring Static Application Context

    Using Spring Programmatically / Spring Java DSL

  29. Conversational Git

    The Friendly Introduction to Git

  30. Spring Custom XML Namespaces

    Including custom XML in Spring configuration

  31. Embedded Jetty Executable JAR

    Using Maven to build with embedded Jetty

  32. Jetty Proxy Servlet

    HTTP and HTTP/S proxies with Jetty

  33. Embedded Jetty and SSL

    Adding SSL support to an embedded Jetty server

  34. Tuning Java Fork/Join

    Testing different forms of divide and conquer

  35. Java Fork/Join Example

    Monte Carlo NPV Walkthrough

  36. Fork/Join in Java

    Using Fork/Join for a Monte Carlo simulation

  37. Reflection Method Matching

    Matching a method using Java reflection

  38. REST enabled Java app, part 4

    WebMVC client

  39. REST enabled Java app, part 3

    Embedded Jetty

  40. REST enabled Java app, part 2

    Spring WebMVC Controllers

  41. REST enabled Java app

    Add REST to standalone Java with Jetty and Spring WebMVC

  42. Google Places client using Spring WebMVC

    REST client using Spring RestTemplate

  43. Menus with Apache Digester

    An example of Digester XML parsing

  44. Performance of Java Collections

    What is the real-world effect of choosing the wrong kind of collection?