Posting at DZone

Nov 16, 2015

Since this blog was new, the content has been syndicated at DZone through their Most Valuable Blogger (MVB) program. Most of the people who have read what I’ve written have read it there, so it’s been advantageous to me, especially when I was starting as a new blogger.

Recently I was invited to join their Zone Leader program. As a result, I am joining a number of others posting original content at DZone and helping to syndicate the work of MVBs. It’s been a pleasure getting to know many of the other zone leaders, many of whom have impressive resumes in software development.

As a result, I intend to shift posting over to DZone directly. So this blog will be a little quieter. One downside is that there isn’t a way to get an RSS feed just for my articles, though there is a direct link.

I may use this blog for personal matters, or for items that don’t quite fit the format over there. I will also post a periodic list of articles that have I written for DZone, so at least there will be some utility to my RSS feed. For those few (ok, very few) people who subscribe directly to this blog, I hope you’ll subscribe to the DZone feed, where my articles as well as those of many other interesting folks will appear.