Lots of newish posts

Mar 24, 2017

Centralizing the collection

I started with DZone in November 2015 as a Zone Leader. This is a great program they have where they work with people in the community both to get original content and to get help in publishing articles from blogs where the committers have an agreement with DZone for republishing.

Since that time, I did a lot of posting directly to DZone’s site. I had intended to republish those here, but DZone is the place where I get pretty much all my page views, so it wasn’t a priority.

Since I took a new job around the first of the year, I had to shift priorities and asked to take a hiatus from the Zone Leader program. At the same time, I’m still intending to post articles when I can.

So long story short, I wanted to centralize the stuff I’ve written to be in one place. So I did that. So there are a lot more posts on this blog, but as should be clear from the dates, they’re not new.

I write in Markdown anyway, and I use Jekyll and GitHub Pages for the blog, so bringing them over was an automated conversion process. They seem to look OK, but if you see something that got broken, feel free to drop me a line.